Knife Sharpener HQ . com – Best Knife Sharpeners Review is a great website that is covering best knife sharpeners and provides a guide to selecting the best model for your needs and for your budget. It is important to keep knives sharp, not only because it is easier to use sharp knives, but also because it is safer to use sharp knives. Dull knives required more energy to be applied to cut, and with more energy applied the risk of a knife slipping increases and risk of cuts increases as well. Generally, it is recommended to sharpen knives before and after every use. However, given that it may not be always practical to do so, knives should be sharpened at least every month.

knife sharpener hqThere is a large number of different knife sharpeners available for purchase. They are divided into two main categories: manual and automatic. Manuals are the ones that you use with your own hands and automatic are the ones that you just plug in a socket. For example sharpening stones and hones are manual knife sharpeners. The advantages and disadvantages of both types are explained on the website. Generally, advantages and disadvantages are focused around the following main themes: 1) cost of sharpener 2) sharpening time 3) ease of sharpening process 4) learning curve 5) quality of sharpening. Furthermore, the websites goes in depth describing the best models of each type and explaining their pros and cons. Some of the most popular models have longer and more detailed reviews dedicated specifically to them.

Besides reviews of the most popular knife sharpeners, KnifeSharpenerHQ also has an extensive list of how-tos. The are instructions on how to sharpen kitchen knives, Japanese knives, hunting knives, ceramic and serrated knives. According to the website, there are several models available on the market to sharpen all the different types of knives and to make the process as easy and smooth as possible. So, no matter what type of knives you need sharpened, you will be able to find an appropriate tool recommended on this website.

KnifeSharpenerHQ also goes into details describing some of the most popular brands of knife sharpeners, including their history, and also describes their best models. There are articles dedicated to companies like Wusthof, Shun and more.

KnifeSharpenerHQ is the best website for those who are looking for best knife sharpeners, both manual and automatic, and for instructions on how to use them properly. As always, we will continue to provide our readers with reviews of best sites on the web.

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A Straight Arrow – Best Crossbow Reviews and Guide is a website with the main focus on best crossbow reviews and crossbows selection guide. The website provides useful information to all visitors who are interested in purchasing a crossbow for hunting or target shooting purposes. The website does great job in explaining exactly what to look for when making a buying decision. For example, the website describes what are the following characteristics, what do they mean and how they impact a buying decision: 1) draw weight, 2) crossbow weight 3) arrow velocity and 4) budget.

A Straight Arrow also provides a highly useful comparison table that helps get a good overview of available crossbows, their main characteristics,  prices and overall rating. All the most popular crossbows are featured on the comparison chart and pre-sorted by their prices. It is noteworthy, that according to the website, crossbow price and performance are positively correlated. There are several reasons for such correlation and they are all described in the detail on the website. Additionally, A Straight Arrow provides detailed reviews of the top crossbows on the market. According to them, reviews are based on personal experience of their team, reviews from veteran hunters and reviews on e-commerce platforms like Amazon.

a straight arrowBesides crossbows, A Straight Arrow also covers top-rated compound bows and selection guide. The same principle is followed in this category as in the crossbows selection section. The website provides highly detailed selection guide focused on the main elements of compound bows and their primary characteristics(draw weight, draw length, speed, let-off, brace height and budget) . Following that detailed reviews of bows broken down per price range are provided. The reviews help readers choose the best compound bow for their budget and for their needs. Again, similarly to crossbows section A Straight Arrow provides a comparison chart of top compound bows to allow readers to have a full picture of available options and to compare all models easily.

A Straight Arrow also features general articles on the topics of hunting and archery. Included are articles on bowfishing with tips and guidance, famous bow makers and their biographies, how-to articles plus detailed description of different types of bows (from traditional to compound) and hunting games.

Overall, in the opinion of our Directory, is the best site on the Internet nowadays for beginner crossbow- and bow-hunters and general archery enthusiasts. It features high quality content and useful tips to anyone interested in archery. We will continue to closely monitor development of the website to keep our readers informed of their development and progress.

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