Top 3 Sites about Asia

Asia is a wonderful continent, full of mysteries and beauties. Here is out top 3 pics of new sites about some Asian countries:

  • Ever wanted to visit an exotic subcontinent of India? Then is the site for you to read. The site is dedicated to India and covers a wide variety of topics specific to the country. Here you will learn a lot about religion (did you know that Christianity is very widely practiced in India?), culture, rituals, history and more. It is basically a one-stop shop about everything India. Even though we considered ourselves well educated, we were absolutely surprised to learn about the different religious holidays that are celebrated in India. Definitely a multicultural place. Check it out!
  • Another interesting site focused on a South-Eastern Asia is This is a site dedicated to Singapore. Singapore is quite a popular destination so there are a lot of ‘mainstream’ sites covering city’s main attractions. RedDragonflies stands out from the group. It does not focus on the popular aspects of the city, but rather on those unique niche aspects that only local know about. Some of the topics covered on the site include best places for archery in Singapore. Did you know that archery was very popular there? It is and there quite a few places to visit there if you are an archery enthusiasts.
  • Last but not least, for those of our readers who are interested in ever visiting Japan, web-japan.orgis a great resource with a lot of useful info. The site is available in a few different languages, catering to different visitors, including Spanish, French, Chinese and Arabic. The website provides information on a wide range of topics. The main topics covered are Trends in Japan (eg Fashion, Tech, Pop Culture, Food and Street). There are also dedicated pages for Kids, Videos, Magazines, Facts and a directory of related links. Overall, the website is very wide and has information for all demographics of visitors. Give it a try and
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Top 3 New and Promising Personal Blogs

We like to discover new and promising blogs, those that are staying away from mainstream media and those are not widely talked about (yet). We spent hours going through internet to find some of those hiding gems for you to keep an eye on.

  • is one of the best personal and business blogs out there. We doubt that one can find any person who is into internet and small business that does not know about Pat Flynn’s blog. On this blog Pat is talking about his life and his online businesses. He often calls himself a crush dummy for others, because he experiments on himself in different businesses and then posts about his learning on his blog. In addition to keeping this blog, he also has a successful podcast that he launched on the same platform.
  • Rudy from has an interesting concept behind his blog. You know how you go to Wikipedia to learn about something and then you end up spending a few hours reading some absolutely random facts not related to your original search? You may get the same from Rudy – he writes about everything that he finds interesting. So far his posts covered a very wide range of topics from knife sharpening to hunting and to jogging. At least you know for sure that you won’t get bored! Our only hope is that he found time to post more regularly.
  • Jake Simmons from is another up and coming blogger. His blog is the one to read if you enjoy nature. Jake lives in Virginia and unlike Gaz he can’t imagine himself living in a large city without constant access to the wild. His passion for natures is so strong that he even connected his professional life with it – he is working a nature guide. With all this said, it’s not hard to imagine that he knows a lot about nature and we can all learn from him and his blog. Well done, Jake, we are looking forward to more posts!
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Top 3 Beginner Blogs of Financiers

Financiers and bankers are interesting people with quite high average IQ and there is a lot others can learn from them, whether related to finance or not. We have looked in the web and found some interesting new blogs of people whose day job is related to the finance industry. Let’s see our top 3 picks:

  • Gaz from has an interesting blog that has just started. He only has a few posts so far but they are quite thought provoking. As Gaz describes himself he was growing up in a large city, with all the conveniences that are thought to be natural. He didn’t know much and didn’t think a lot about the nature beyond concrete and steel surroundings. Once on a dare we went into the woods and almost got lost – quite a shocking experience for a financier. That changed his life. He became more aware of the ‘real’ life, about nature and environment and he started his blog to share his journey. Make sure you check out our favorite post on how his perception changed just after talking a stranger.
  • is another great resource to keep an eye on. This is one of very few blogs dedicated to women working in financial services industry. You will find a lot of information here related to the so called ‘glass ceiling’ and a lot of personal stories from women who managed to overcome this barrier. There are also a lot of advises from successful career ladies, a lot of which are very easy to follow. List of women executives who get interviewed on the blog or provide useful insights is very impressive, here you will find representatives of investment banking giants and other Fortune 500 companies.
  • Clyde from is a 31 year old banker from London. As he openly confesses he started his blog to learn how the mystery world of blogging works, to ‘learn the ropes’ as he puts it. His first posts are all over the map covering a variety of different topics. Although it is obvious that Clyde is just starting, we believe in him and we know that we will all see dramatic improvements on his blog. Unfortunately, with Clyde’s office work we can’t expect frequent posts and it is quite understandable. We will revisit his site again once it gets more content.
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Top 3 New Hunting Resources

There are a lot of large and popular hunting resources that cover all aspects of hunting, provide good tips and allow people to exchange experiences and ideas. Anyone who is interested in hunting knows these main resources. But how about smaller hunting sites? Those that are just starting out  and are not widely popular but still provide a lot of value to the readers? We have combed through the web and found some of the better ones to share with you:

  • is definitely worth visiting. It is a new website focused on providing hunting tips for beginners. They position themselves as a resource coving all aspects of hunting, including some of the unique types of hunting. For example, this is one of a very few websites that provide tips for hunters that are starting ghost hunting. Yes, that is not a mistake – ghost hunting. Besides tips on ghost hunting, you will also find interesting information on more traditional types of hunting, such as bow and crossbow hunting. Definitely add this website to your feed to keep up with the updates.
  • Another interesting site for those interested in finding out more about hunting is The sites is focusing on providing information on hunting principles, so it is a great resource for beginners. You can learn a lot here about hunting whitetails, choosing best bows and crossbows and even proper way to use a hunting knife. In addition to great content, this website features great design with easy navigation. The website started off well with a ton of useful content created and shared quickly, but addition of new content has been a little slow. As the administrator told us, their main writer got slightly sick. We hope he will recover soon and will back on track.
  • Last but not least top pick of a new hunting resource worth reading and following is This website focuses on compound bow hunting and provides a lot of value to its archery readers. However, the website does not limit its scope to only compound bow hunting and offers several articles on crossbows and other hunting accessories and tools. It is a very fresh website but we can see how it is growing every month. The website features a slick design which could be improved a little with brighter colors, but that is just our opinion. Check it out and let us know what you think.
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Top 3 Archery Resources

Archery is a great sport and there is a lot to learn about it before one can become a good archer. Below is our list of Top 3 new sites on Archery which share a wealth of information on the subject:

  • is the site where you can find any information related to archery in general and bowhunting in particular. This is one of the oldest resources on the web and it contains a ton of valuable information for all levels or archers, from beginners to veterans. The website did good job in building a community of archers around it, who can share their expertise, stories and experiences. A must visit site for archers.
  • If you are interested in learning more about compound bows, archery and hunting in general, you should visit Compound bows are those that rely on a pulley system to propel arrows. Compound bows are different from traditional or recurve bows in this regard. There are a lot of different types of compound bows (single-cam, duo cam etc) and a lot of different models. It may be very hard to understand what exactly you need from a bow and choose one. This is where this website will come to help you.
  • If your interest lies not so much in bow archery but more in the crossbows realm, you should visit This is a great resource focused on crossbow hunting, but not only that. There is a wide range of topics discussed here, and you will definitely find out something new. The site also provides a guide to finding the best crossbows, compound bows, and recurve bows for your needs and budget. The website is easy to navigate and it has high loading speed, so you are guaranteed pleasant experience when you decide to visit the site.
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